About Us

Starcrest Education The Belt & Road Limited is an international developer and operator of education services in Europe. The newly formed entity has been established to seek relevant acquisitions in the international education sector. The Company intends to capture opportunities arising from the "One Belt, One Road" ("OBOR") initiative and to provide top quality education services and products to countries in Europe. The Board has extensive experience of doing business in the education industry, particularly in the higher education sector in Europe.


The Directors will devise and adopt a business model in the education sector that will:

  • fully utilise the strength, scope and expertise of their education network and resources;
  • take advantage of the policy and funding support under the OBOR initiative;
  • provide high quality Chinese education and training to foreign employees of Chinese companies operating outside of China; and
  • introduce mature and advanced education resources into the Chinese market.

The Company is inspired by the vision of the Chinese government shown in its OBOR initiative and would like to provide high quality services in the education sector through the business(es) acquired by the Company along the OBOR routes. The extensive contacts of the Directors in Asia and Europe are expected to enable the Company to search for and acquire suitable businesses for the provision of these education services.

The Company will seek to acquire entities which:

  • fit the geography and ethos of the OBOR initiative;
  • enjoy local market demand;
  • have the capacity to satisfy market demand anticipated from demographic projections; and
  • are committed to working ethically in pursuit of the Company's wider strategic aims of promoting and delivering high quality education and skills development.

Once the target has been acquired, the Company's strategy will focus on the provision of intellectual support as well as skills and/or workforce training for companies operating within the OBOR sphere. It will also consider other opportunities within the education industry in their widest sense. It will work with the best in-class education services providers to provide pre-school, K-12, post-secondary education as well as with teaching material developers to provide digital content and instructional solutions, distance learning and other technology-enhanced modes of delivery.

The Company will also provide professional advice to allied education service support providers in areas including, but not limited to, student travel, enrolment management and continuing professional development. The Company's overall strategic objective is to provide innovative solutions that add value to students, employers and the wider society in OBOR countries and beyond.

The OBOR initiative

The OBOR initiative is a foreign policy and economic strategy of China. The term derives from the Silk Road, the ancient trade route, and encompasses the overland 'Silk Road Economic Belt' and the '21st-Century Maritime Silk Road', concepts introduced by Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping in 2013. These are the two major axes along which China proposes to economically link Europe to China through countries across Eurasia and the Indian Ocean. The OBOR initiative also links to Africa and Oceania.

China has already set up the Silk Route Fund and injected approximately US$40 billion worth of initial funds to support projects under the OBOR initiative. In March 2017, private investors in China set up the Green Silk Road fund with an initial capital of approximately Renminbi ("RMB") 30 billion or $4.4 billion. Total infrastructure investment as part of the OBOR initiative is estimated to exceed $1 trillion, and if its objectives are achieved, the initiative would involve 65 countries (which account for about 40 per cent. of the world's gross domestic product), with the OBOR initiative impacting about to 4.4 billion persons across the world.